West Dennis – HUD Designated “Difficult Development Area 2019”

“Difficult Development Areas (DDA) are areas with high land, construction and utility costs relative to the area median income and are based on Fair Market Rents, income limits, the 2010 census counts, and 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) data.”

What this means is, these areas are a higher priority for use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits for the creation of affordable housing.

Hay Bales and Silt Fencing

The Veteran’s Home project is in need of hay bales and silt fencing. We need to have these in place before the trees in the “building envelope,” driveway, home footprint, septic system, deck, and side yard, can be removed. We have Peter Govoni Land Services ready to cut trees, we need to get the erosion control in place before this next step can take place.