In Some Places, Environmentalists Should Be Arguing for More Development. Here’s Why. | Cool Green Science

” Zoning is often viewed as a friend of conservation. But could some zoning actually be detrimental to conservation goals?”

Yes, most definitely.  Setting restrictions that make it more difficult to undertake larger scale projects, whether residential or commercial,  lead to more sprawl as low density development chews up more land than high density projects.

These policies work against quality job creation by not promoting areas for cross pollination of ideas and higher housing costs.

Ross Chapin Architects to Design First-in-Nation Pocket Neighborhood for Disabled Adults

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 02, 2015

“Under development by ECC Management, LLC (ECC), a Seattle-based real estate company, Luna Azul will be located in the Phoenix Metro area and feature 30 cottage homes where adults will live safely and permanently in a neighborhood of peers.”

Source: Ross Chapin Architects to Design First-in-Nation Pocket Neighborhood for Disabled Adults

An interesting read.


If I could just capture this sentiment into a zoning district!

Stumbled across this, kind of captures the idea we want for the Exit 9 Economic Center.

Idea Night “Idea Night hopes to set creativity and ideas in motion to help build a better world by sharing good ideas and seeking traction for them. We will help as a community to encourage budding entrepreneurs to know themselves, their customers, their ideas and their path to innovation.”

From Park City Utah: Coffee talks to focus on planning and zoning

I did a little of this with Dennis Port and West Dennis, it might be time to revive these discussions around town.

Coffee talks to focus on planning and zoning


Zoning Amendment to Promote Reuse of Sand Pits for Solar

The Planning Board will be holding a Public Hearing on Monday October 5th on a proposal to allow commercial scale solar facilities as a reuse for sand pits located in Residential Zoning Districts.  At present, there are about 7 locations in Dennis where sand pits are operational, or have been abandoned in the R-40 zoning district. The proposal will allow these properties to be reused for solar.

Sand Pits are pre-existing non-conforming land uses in the residential areas. They are all so old that there are no reclamation requirements imposed on these properties. The goal of the zoning change, it to create a financial incentive to have these properties cleaned up when they are no longer productive, get a layer of top soil brought in, and have them at least seeded for grass to grow. The solar facilities will provide the economic incentive to not simply have them walked away from.

The proposed change is to add commercial scale solar as an option, by special permit of the Planning Board, for current and former sand pit properties of at least 2 1/2 acres in size. The amendment is below, the changes are in Bold Italic:

a) amend Section Use Regulation Schedule, Industrial, Utility and Other Uses Subsection 7.i Commercial Scale Solar Energy Electrical Generator:




Quivet Neck/Crowe’s Pasture

Resource Protection District














Area A


Area B

7. INDUSTRIAL, UTILITY AND OTHER USES                      
i. Commercial Scale Solar Energy Electrical Generator N except S* N N N N S S Y N N  

*  By Special Permit of the Planning Board for the purpose of reclaiming former sand pit properties of at least 2.5 acres in size.