Get Ready to ShakeOut!

Don’t laugh, who thought we would become tornado alley a year ago? From FEMA:

On October 17, 2019, at 10:17 a.m. local time, millions of people will Drop! Cover! and Hold On!, during the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills held throughout the world.

Last year, more than 63 million people worldwide participated in the Great ShakeOut. Most of the participating organizations held their drills on International ShakeOut Day, which is the third Thursday of October each year. Visit to learn more and register your participation.

Veterans Home Updates

Busy past week. Lots of good news!

First, Tuesday night the Board of Selectmen officially awarded the project to the Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center. From here on CIVOC will be in a leadership position on this project. We are crafting the land disposition agreement which will provide them with site control in a fashion similar to the ones granted for the MelPet and FORWARD projects. As part of the award, CIVOC will have the CPC grant for this project transferred to them.

Second, if you have not been by the site, WORK HAS FINALLY BEGUN! While everyone was avoiding the rain and the wind this week Patrick McDowell was clearing the site for us. By the end of the day, Friday 18 truckloads of wood and brush were taken off the site by Robert Childs, Inc. Patrick has the leveled, gravel access in place, and the site is ready for foundation work.

Finally, Wednesday, Shepley Wood Products reached out to CIVOC to discuss and up their contribution towards the project. Their actual contribution will be worked out next week when Regina Giambusso, CIVOC Executive Director, sits down with the folks from Shepley but we may be close to having the lumber needed to frame and enclose the structure.

Incomplete, Inaccurate and Other Application Problems

Monday night you will see four applications continued. These applications came in with a variety of issues discovered when preparing the technical review for the Board of Appeals. I want to remind applicants, the technical review completed by staff is for the members of the Boards (Planning and Zoning). It is not an opportunity for the applicant to modify plans prior to the Public Hearing. The plans submitted and advertised are the ones the public gets the opportunity to come in and review.

As we have been, of late, also receiving plans that are incomplete, I will be asking both the Planning Board and the Board of Appeals to add an additional week between the time applications are filed, and the Public Hearing. This additional week will allow for a completeness review. This is not a technical review, just a chance to be sure the required elements are all submitted.

Applicants for Special Permits, Site Plan Review, and Subdivisions will be expected to file a complete application with the Planning Office PRIOR TO stamping the application in with the Town Clerk. However, during this week applications will be reviewed, incomplete applications will not be clocked in. Incomplete submittals will not be advertised for Public Hearing, meaning, they could see an additional month, or more, until their Hearing.

Building Commissioner Appeals, as they follow a very different legal process, will still be filed first with the Town Clerk.

Trying to be fair to everyone, and be sure the public has all they need to understand what you are proposing.

Public Review to Start on the 2019 Final Draft Open Space and Recreation Plan

The Dennis Planning Department and Planning Board have been working to address questions raised by the state review of the Draft Open Space and Recreation Plan. With the recent completion of the ADA Transition Plan, the town is positioned to request final state approval. Given the length of time for these modifications, the Planning Board is seeking comments and letters of support from other town Boards and the public on this document.

A Public Comment period will run from September 9, 2019, to October 25, 2019, on the 2019 Final Draft of the Dennis Open Space and Recreation Plan. The document and related appendices are located at the links below. Paper copies will be available for review starting September 9th in the Dennis Public Library, Dennis Senior Center and Dennis Planning Office.

2019 Open Space and Recreation Plan Draft Update


  1. 2019 Draft Dennis Open Space and Recreation Plan Update
  2. Appendix A ADA-504 Self-evaluation and Transition Plan Executive Summary
  3. Appendix A ADA Transition Plan Facilities Needs Report