Innovative Residential Development – 2

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the downsizing of residential units and the possibilities for meeting affordability goals through Innovative Residential Design standards.  I have been working on this concept some more and also found the following photo gallery from that provides a very nice illustration of these type  of housing areas.  Shortly I will post some ideas as to a general concept for such a district.  For teasers, the idea would feed off of the Dennis Affordable Housing By-law, and would include a 25% set aside of deed restricted affordable housing units.  Buildings would have certain restrictions put into place to limit the sizes of the structures and sites would have requirements for common areas, front porches, and private garden type spaces.


Stay tuned, more to come.


2 thoughts on “Innovative Residential Development – 2

  1. Linda Pruitt

    Hello all – thanks for noticing the work we have been doing here in the Pacific NW for more than a dozen years. Washington State’s Growth Management Act has stimulated our region to develop some exciting single-family land use code ordinances that have enabled our developments – now seen as ‘models’ of national importance that can help demonstrate new housing choices. Please visit our website and feel free to contact me for future input/collaboration/contribution to your efforts in developing land use code ordinances that encourage small, smart and sustainable new housing choices!

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