A Little About One of Many New Wind Systems

Many of you have looked over the material that has been posted on this blog about wind energy.  I am glad to see so much interest.  One particular system has generated a lot of interest and I thought it might we worthwhile to place a little more information here, and to provide a link to their site.  The system is known as the California Wind System, it is a barrel like attachment to a rooftop.

California Wind System

California Wind System

The system specifications are actually more amazing than I originally thought.  The barrel type structure stands only one foot above the roof peak and is produced in four foot segments.  The following provides a schematic drawing of the system taken from the California Wind Systems website.

California Wind System Schematic

California Wind System Schematic

The one foot tall system would occupy less than 4% of the vertical profile of a typical two-story cape style home.  The makers hope to distribute the system for $2,500 and have provide the following cost information for this system:

Renewable Energy Comparison Chart

Technology Install All Housing Projected kWh cost Installed Cost / W of capacity
CWS Easy Yes $0.07 $3.00
Traditional Wind Difficult No $0.10 – $0.15 $3.00 – $5.00
Solar Moderate Yes $0.40 $9.00

The companies Frequently Asked Questions page provides even more detail on this system and its advantages.


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