Wind Turbines

I was in Newport, Rhode Island this past weekend.  It was amazing to see the number of wind turbines in use.  If you want to see the majesty of these turbines you need to travel down Route 24 from Massachusetts and along Routes 114 and 214 to Newport.

The following links will provide you with some examples of Rhode Island’s leadership in land based wind power.

The first is the Abbey School Wind Turbine.  The link is a panoramic view from atop the turbine.  Be sure to use the zoom feature to see the other turbine on the horizon.

Next is the Portsmouth RI Wind Turbine.  First, is a set of photos of the turbine during construction,  second is a link to the National Geographic Television Show on the turbine, finally a link to WPRI which ran a story on this turbine, which is expected to meet 60% – 70% of the town’s energy needs.

While at my destination, there was a turbine located immediately behind me which was in Middleton RI.

Rhode Island is far ahead of us when it comes to capturing wind.  Most of the town’s along my trip had turbines located in them.  Most, were no different from Dennis, with their historic homes, residential neighborhoods, and a need to create energy cost savings.


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