Dennis Port Village Center Zoning

Some time ago I posted the question here on the blog asking whether we should consider relaxing the development review permitting process in Dennis Port Village Center.  The idea came from the Dennis Port Design Charrette, suggesting we move from a Special Permit to Site Plan Approval for some, or all, redevelopment.  The move would provide land-owners with a heightened level of assurance that their reinvestment plans would not get caught up in overly complex permitting.  It might also be an interesting concept to think about as we work to relax regional review thresholds for the area (see related post).

Anyway, after leaving these questions on the blog for the past nine months, it appears that there would be support for such a step. Seventy-one percent of those responding supported the idea.  However, when asked what part of the village should should have relaxed review standards, there was some disagreement.  Slightly over 50% supported relaxing standards through-out the designated village center, about 20% threw there support for only the core of the village.  This suggests that relaxing the review standards in the village core would be far more welcomed by everyone than if we relaxed the permitting  standards through-out the village.

Given the level of support shown, it seems appropriate to start considering the local review thresholds in the Dennis Port Village Center.  Right now, all new floorspace requires a Special Permit.  It is time to think about what level of new floorspace is appropriate with going through Site Plan Review, but removing the Special Permit threat.


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