Transportation Crisis Coming, Or Already Here?

A new report was just issued by Transportation For America entitled Aging In Place, Stuck Without Options: Fixing the Mobility Crisis Threatening the Baby Boom Generation.  The report highlights the mobility problems facing older Americans.

The report notes that 83% of the population age 65 – 79 will live in areas of the Cape with inadequate public transportation options in just a few short years. Given the continuing aging of the population in Dennis, as illustrated in the 2010 Census, and public transportation routes that do not serve any of our Senior Housing facilities, this crisis is staring us right in the face.

While in some parts of the country, there might be options as younger family members make up for the lack of public transportation services, the continuing migration of our younger and middle age population to off-cape locations will exacerbate this mobility crisis.  Unless greater commitments are made at the state and federal levels to public transportation, our senior population will face greater isolation and loneliness in the future.

To read more:

Aging and Stuck, AARP

Aging in Place, Stuck Without Options, Transportation for America

Most Aging Baby Boomers Will Face Poor Mobility Options, Transportation for America


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