Economic Development Committee Votes to Oppose Petitioned Article To Reduce Size Of Cottages in SRC District

The Dennis Economic Development Committee met this afternoon with the four members present from last weeks EDC Meeting needed to provide the necessary quorum.  The members voted 4-0 to oppose the petitioned zoning article that would have reduced the size of cottages in the Seasonal Resort Community from a maximum of 900 sf to 150% of the average base area of cottages on a particular tract of land.

While the proposed change would affect all properties within the SRC district, the EDC recognized that the Grindell’s property was the primary target of the petition.  The EDC discussion focused on two issues, the ability to ensure that future reinvestment in the district would be able to adequately pay for the infrastructure necessary to modernize waste water treatment and the potential size of cottages in a redeveloped cottage colony in relation to the existing and potential size of surrounding homes.

In looking at the specific impacts on Grindell’s, there was concern that the proposed limitations would hinder waste water improvement which was a significant focus of the initial SRC discussions. The committee also reviewed a parcel by parcel analysis of the “surrounding” properties as to existing homes and the zoning allowed homes on each property.

The EDC concluded that the Seasonal Resort Community By-law allowed for appropriate redevelopment, in character with the surrounding neighborhoods, that would aid in improving waste water treatment and water quality. They also concluded that the petitioned article would not meet these same tests.


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