Seasonal Resort Community – “The Neighborhood” Discussion

As I continue to address some of the questions that have been raised in recent discussions surrounding the Seasonal Resort Community By-law, I would like to now turn my attention to the concept of the “neighborhood,” or, as the purpose statement notes “neighboring properties.”

In the discussions before the Economic Development Committee, Zoning By-law Study Committee and Board of Selectmen, concerns have been raised that the potential cottage community on the current Grindell’s property will not fit the “neighborhood.” Specifically the properties along Grindell Avenue and Shirley Avenue.

This begs the question, just what is the neighborhood?

Is it just the properties fronting on Old Wharf Road that were part of the land once subdivided out of the RV park property?

Or would it include the two adjacent properties on Old Wharf Road to the east of this old subdivision as they also abut the RV park?

Or, since the by-law considers the needs of all neighboring properties, would it also include the properties that abut the RV park along Longell Road and Old Wharf Road to the west as well?


Ultimately, if we look over all the neighboring properties we find an average existing building footprint of 1,058 sf.  And a zoning allowed average footprint (15% lot coverage)  of 1,406 sf.  Each structure, if complying with lot coverage, could be 2 1/2 stories and 35 feet tall, ultimately meaning an average living area on the neighboring properties of about 3,500 sf.

The future cottages in the Seasonal Resort Community District, on the other hand, are limited to a maximum of 900 sf for the cottage itself and a 240 sf covered porch, or a 1,140 sf allowed footprint.  These cottages are limited to 1 1/2 stories and 25 feet in height, guaranteeing that they are generally shorter than what can occur around them.  The half story limitation, above the 900 sf cottage footprint also limits overall area to  1,350 sf.  The total living area would, ultimately be less than the average ground floor area for the properties neighboring the Grindell’s Ocean View Park property.

While Site Plan Review by the Planning Board for the potential redevelopment of the Grindell’s RV Park will look at site design and building location in context to the neighboring properties, the zoning has already taken the setting into consideration, placing significant restrictions in place to ensure that reinvestment in these properties do not overwhelm neighboring properties.


One thought on “Seasonal Resort Community – “The Neighborhood” Discussion

  1. SV

    This is a terrific, fact-based response to subject griping from a cranky neighbor. Great work. This seaside community will be a wonderful addition to Dennis Port, a welcome replacement for the RV park, and hopefully the start of continued period of growth and revitalization for the community.

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