Farm Stands Or Craft Stands in Dennisport Parking Lot?

Last week I put up a suggestion on Facebook that the town consider the idea of putting a couple of kiosks in the rear of the Town Parking Lot in Dennisport near Mike Stacey Park.  The idea would be to make these available for local farmers or artisans during the summer concert series in the Park.  They could also be made available at other times as well to increase the draw of people to the village.  Below is a conceptual idea of what this could look like:

^ This could look like…

^ This.

There are issues that would need to be addressed since this section of the parking lot hosts a septic system for adjacent businesses, but it seems like a concept worth thinking about.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Farm Stands Or Craft Stands in Dennisport Parking Lot?

  1. Donald Robitaille

    Hi Dan,
    On the Kiosk idea. We have tossed this around quite a bit at the Dennis Port Revitalization Committee meetings. Tom Huettner is presently constructing one for the entrance to the Village Green and hopefully we can put one in the ” Pocket Park” in the near future. We also have to get a higher ” Municipal Parking Sign” on Rt. 28 between the Bus Stop and Marine Liquors. No one can see the present sign it is to low and covered by a bush. I trimmed the bush last year, but the sign is still to low.

  2. Donald Robitaille

    On the Farm Stand, Craft Stand idea what about on the Village Green itself. If we start to attract more people downtown we will need all the parking spaces we can get. The lot in back of Buckies is usually always filled during the day. Hopefully, Aunties’ Ice Cream Parlor will also attract a lot of new people downtown when they open in a couple of weeks.

  3. Daniel Fortier Post author

    The Revitalization Committee should ask the DPW to increase the height of the Municipal Parking Sign. It really needs to have the bottom of the sign raised to be above the height of the bushes, or even above the height of parked cars.

  4. Daniel Fortier Post author

    I did take pictures of the outer edge of the park to consider. I think if they went in there, they would need to be near the east end of the park. But a number of issues arise, first there are state laws that restrict the use of “park lands” for non-park purposes. This could be a major hurdle. On top of that, there will be ADA issues which are not present in the parking lot. I am trying to to get people to accept the idea that we can take some simple, public, measures to promote more activity down in the village.



  6. Donald Robitaille

    Obviously there is more than one definition for kiosk. We have taken pictures of a number of kiosks around the Cape to incorporate in future Dennis Port plans. Our interpretation of a kiosk is a weather tight 1,2 or 3 panel information center. I now know it is also a small structure used as a newsstand or refreshment booth. Sorry for the confusion…

  7. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Not a problem, we definitely need information kiosks in Dennisport. I am trying to raise a discussion of getting a local farm or craftsperson tied into promoting the village economy. Short of a grocery store, getting fresh vegetables sold in the village once or twice a week is very important.

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