November 5th 2012 — Oh What A Night

Could not help myself.  The November 5th Planning Board agenda is going to be one of the largest ones we have had in over a decade.  The Planning Board will have nine public hearings that night.  The hearings range from a rather simple minor modification of a subdivision to three complete redevelopment projects.

A quick synopsis:

  • Minor modification to the Courtney Lane layout to correct a deed issue.
  • Four applications from ATT/New Cingular to attach additional panels to existing facilities.
  • Attach a new radio transmitter to an existing tower.
  • Raze and replace the existing Cumberland Farms plaza on Route 134 (discussion to follow).
  • Raze and replace the former Christine’s facility on Route 28 to create a new retail plaza (discussion to follow)
  • Redevelop the former Grindell’s Ocean View RV Park to create Heritage Sands Cottage Colony (discussion to follow).

Over the next day or two I will post plans and a discussion of these latter three applications.


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