A New Life For an Old Nightclub Property

The new owners of the former  “Christine’s” nightclub are proposing to replace this building with a new retail complex. The site will contain 14,780 sf up from the current 11,402 sf.

The proposal calls for removing the existing building and replacing it with a new structure.  Site driveways will be reconstructed.  There will be three site driveways, however, the overall width of the driveways where they meet Route 28 will be about half what it is today.  The front of the site will also have a new landscaped greenbelt between Route 28 and the parking lot.

The building facade will be varied in both color and architectural style providing a new structure that is consistent with the architectural styles of the past, while providing new retail space for the future.

As we are on Cape Cod, the Planning Board must whether this proposal triggers any Cape Cod Commission thresholds. We have worked closely with the applicants and can state that the proposal does not. The relevant thresholds relate to the change of use from restaurant to retail and the addition of floor space. The DRI standards call for a change of use of 10,000 sf to trigger an automatic referral. As designed, the project converts 9,980 sf, 8,000 sf for retail use and 1,980 sf for storage.  Between the refrigerator and “pantry” area of the former Christine’s, an unknown amount of the building was used for storage in the past.  As the remaining 4,800 sf will remain restaurant space, there is significantly less than the DRI threshold changing use. The second DRI standard for redevelopment is the creation of an additional 10,000 sf of floor area over what is on site presently. The site adds 3,378 sf, also well below the DRI threshold.


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