Heritage Sands Project


Heritage Sands has filed for Planning Board review. This application is unique. The Seasonal Resort Community allows cottages and recreational vehicle facilities as by-right uses. The Dennis Site Plan Review regulations only create a required review when redevelopment triggers an increase in parking by 5 or more spaces. The change from 144 recreational vehicles and 15 cottages to 63 cottages does not require either a Special Permit or Site Plan Review approval.





During the adoption process of the Seasonal Resort Community Zoning District the owner committed to bringing the project to the Planning Board for review and comment. The owner is submitting the plans to the Board for review although it is not required under zoning and no decision is required by the Planning Board. They are coming before the Board to show the continued town/land owner partnership that existed in the creation of this Zoning District and to illustrate compliance with the zoning requirements.

The meeting has been advertised and notices mailed to abutters, much as would have occurred for a required Site Plan Review. This process was followed to illustrate the continued openness that has been a part of the creation of the Seasonal Resort Community Zoning.

The plan calls for the creation of a new, seasonal, cottage colony. There will be 63 cottages ranging in height from 18’ 8” to 25’ in height. The cottages will provide a mix of one and one and a half story structures. Shorter cottages and cottages with smaller footprints, ranging from 652 sf to 795 sf, are targeted for sites adjacent to Old Wharf Road. The largest cottages are restricted to areas deeper into the property, away from Old Wharf Road.



A community building is proposed adjacent to the main entryway of Heritage Sands.  This building will include the site office, a community pool and a gathering area.  The schematic of the community building is illustrated below.



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