Reality TV

What do you do when reality TV comes to town? This article gives you something to think about.

Reality TV is becoming a bigger and bigger phenomenon.  From “Real World” to “Jersey Shore” television has invaded residential neighborhoods, leaving in their wake sound trucks, papparazzi and gawking fans. Hardly a traditional  residential use. As the article states, the bigger the stars, the bigger the problems.

However, these guys are really the new kids on the block. “This Old House” is really the old timer when it comes to television camera crews setting up shop in a residential neighborhood. Countless similar programs, and even entire networks, have followed in the footsteps of “This Old House.”

So, for every attempt to keep the next “Jersey Shore” or similar “reality” television show out of town, we prohibit “Extreme Home Makeover” and the good deeds this type of program can do for a town.


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