From Our Neighbors Up North

I saw this come across Twitter today and thought I would pass it on.

Neighborhood Relations

Today’s #DoverNH Planning blog is about how we work with abutters of projects to ensure that a happy medium between property rights of developers and abutters is maintained.

As developable land has become more rare in Dover, we have found that abutters are impacted more and more. Two recent projects have hammered home the idea that impacts never intended to be negative, might be. One project is on Arch Street and another is on Watson Road. I want to speak a bit about how we have worked with abutters and the developers to design projects that are context sensitive. More

Much of what is discussed in this blog post is very similar to the encouragement we make to applicants, regardless of the size here in Dennis.  I just thought it might be worthwhile for residents to here the advice as it occurs elsewhere.  So, the next time your neighbor is adding on to his kitchen and comes and knocks on your door, it is probably because we encouraged him to talk about what he wants to do with you.


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