Flood Map Update

Later today the Preliminary Flood Maps for the pending update will be released.  I have been told to expect the paper copies to arrive some time next week (Week of May 6, 2013). We will have access to the Geographic Information System shape files late this afternoon, and should be able to import those into Maps Online on the Town Website early next week.  We will be providing a link to a special map that Alicia Messier has created that will be a scaled down version of the Maps Online database that only provides the basic information necessary to review the changes that will be occurring.

There will be significant changes in the flood zone boundaries in Dennis. Along with the online information we will review these maps with anyone who needs our assistance.  We also will have a computer terminal in the Town Hall Annex here on Bob Crowell Road for those who do not have internet access at home dedicated to flood zone review.

The Planning Department will do all in our power to fully explain these maps.  We will have at least one public session, with relevant FEMA personnel on these maps, the timing of this has not yet been established.


2 thoughts on “Flood Map Update

  1. briano

    why is there a commercial about ads sittingin the middle of this important info. there is nothing else that follows no maps or anything. is there a problem withthe posting..

  2. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Brian, first, related to the advertisements. The town uses the free version of WordPress for this blog. WordPress provides this service at no charge to us, but places ads onto the site to cover their costs. We have no control over the advertisements.

    As to the post. Getting the flood zone information has been arduous. Information that was to be released weeks ago, did not get released on schedule. Ultimately, the revised schedule was not met either. The data files were received late last night. We are in the process of importing those into the GIS system. As stated in the post, we hope to have the searchable map available soon. In fact, both Alicia and I continuously checked our emails over the weekend for these files to arrive hoping to be able to get something up yesterday.

    By the way, check your email, I sent you the map for your neighborhood. You received the first data output from this new filing at about 10 am today.


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