Flood Maps Online

The Federal Emergency Management Administration is in the process of updating their Flood Insurance Rate Maps. FEMA has made significant changes to these maps. The Town of Dennis is working to ensure town residents are informed of these changes.

The New Preliminary Flood Maps have been incorporated into the Dennis online GIS maps. These maps can be found at the following link:

FEMA 2013 Preliminary Flood Map Information

When the map loads, click FIND on the left side of your screen. You can then search by your Assessors Map and Parcel number or by your street name followed by your street number.


14 thoughts on “Flood Maps Online

  1. Richard and Janet Mariani

    We totally disagree with the flood plan on our house at 10 Uncle Nick’s Road. There are properties right on Bass River and they are not included in the flood plain. I suggest to replace the flood gate that was destroyed, at the entrance of Kelly’s Pond and this will rectify part of the problem. Again, we completely disagree with this plan. There are many houses that are closer to Sea Level than us who are not on this foolish plan.

  2. Daniel Fortier Post author

    10 Uncle Nick’s Road is PRESENTLY in a 1 in 500 flood zone. The proposed maps will REMOVE the property from even being in that limited risk area.

  3. brian

    Ya I agree with 10 uncle nicks road I’m on Scott Tyler road one mile from the beach and im in it that flood zone now and never have been in if they want (sic well 3 gen cape codder) never been water in my back yard . Fema needs to get their sh—t together because I don’t have that type of money for insuranc . Sounds like dennis will be left with alot of houses

  4. Daniel Fortier Post author

    The resident of 10 Uncle Nick’s Road did not read the map correctly. His property is not in the flood zone. The changes on Scott Tyler Road are very minimal compared to other parts of town. Under the existing maps the area has a flood elevation of 10. This is based upon NGVD 1929 datum. The new flood elevation is elevation 11, but based upon 1988 vertical datum. There is about a 0.94 foot adjustment between the two data points which would raise the 1929 elevation to 10.94 feet above sea level. Ultimately, in the Scott Tyler Road area the only change occurs due to a more accurate measurement of land elevation. As with anybody affected by this change, I would suggest getting a survey completed of your property to accurately locate where elevation 11 falls.

    <img src=" photo ScottTylerRd_zpsa2068be3.jpg” alt=”Scott Tyler Road” />

  5. Daniel Fortier Post author

    The property at 223 Main Street (Route 28) Dennisport will be located in the flood zone with the pending changes. The Base Flood Elevation for this property will be Elevation 10, which remains the same as today’s BFE, the LIDAR mapping of ground elevation results in the identification of ground elevation passing through the house as opposed to being behind the house.

  6. Pat

    Is 42 Woodland in a flood zone?
    It is listed for sale by owner and do not want to peruse if it is in a flood zone.
    Thank you

  7. Frank Murphy

    75 Old Main Street, Dennis. I am the property owner and am having a survey for elevation. Can you please answer a question for me? Is the requiste elevation the first floor threshold? Secondly, what elevation do I need to be to be out of this FEMA debacle?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Daniel Fortier Post author

    75 Old Main Street is in a flood zone today and will continue to be with the changes. The Base Flood Elevation on the pending maps will be 11 feet. To minimize your flood exposure your first floor elevation will need to be at at least 12 feet. If you have a basement, that has to be the elevation of the slab of your basement.

  9. john

    Hi Dan my cottage is located at the Village at Nantucket Sound. It is 70% in the new flood zone. The cottage is on a cinder block foundation which raises it above the flood zone I believe. If there is no electricity in crawlspace shouldnt I be entirely out of flood zone if any portion of my unit is not in flood zone given that obviously the floor is level.

  10. Daniel Fortier Post author

    No matter what, you are in the flood zone. The question is whether the cinder block foundation meets flood zone construction standards to give you credit for the clearance and a prefered insurance rate. Construction standards are not my territory you will need to talk to a structural engineer.

  11. Robert Lang

    Dan: Two questions; 1) Can you confirm the current BFE for 72 Miramar. I believe this is 11 feet? 2) Do you foresee any changes (up or down) to the current BFE in the immediate future (e.g., pending changes)? Thank you

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