An Interesting About Parking – Over Parking

Some of you have heard me talk about “Welcome to My Garage” development styles. I have also challenged you to reduce parking minimums and establish parking maximums. In the Hotel Resort District we have even created opportunities for hiding commercial parking. The article linked below provides an illustrated discussion of the problems with traditional approaches to parking:

Ugly by Law


2 thoughts on “An Interesting About Parking – Over Parking

  1. Annie K Hughes

    Ugly parking spaces go along with small lots. Where the lots are small, and the regulations so tight, it is not possible to put driveway close to lot lines to “hide” cars inside or around the back as I recall we did in Dorchester MA many years ago. Amazing that when one purchased a home in the 50’s or 60’s we wanted curb appeal and the house on the sidewalk to entice folks to talk and visit,, we have become a society of SILO’s because we need the front of the house to be the parking place for our transportation.., Local governments should include this in the building plans for those “small lot” taxpayers and consider what it makes the neighborhood look like!

  2. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Perhaps we need to reintroduce the concept of back alleys. Maybe give a 10%+/- reduction in lot size to compensate for the land consumed by the alley.

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