New Jersey Flood Protection Ruling

I have been following the topic for awhile, Court Sides With Town on Price of Views Lost to Dune.  It involves the balance between protecting the community against the ravages of ocean storms and private property rights. The land owners argue that the dunes diminish and take their property value without adequate compensation. The community argues that the value of the view is hampered by the risk of the structure, and those around it, being destroyed during a coastal storm. The New Jersey High Court has the hindsight advantage of having seen the damage left by Hurricane Sandy,  but they argue that did not influence their decision. In the end, the important thing is, they got it right.

From the NY Times 7-9-2013


3 thoughts on “New Jersey Flood Protection Ruling

  1. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Have not heard a thing. I will see if a building permit has been issued.

  2. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Looks like just cleaning the site up, no one has askedfor any permits yet.

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