Dennis will be hosting a workshop for Dennis, Harwich, Brewster and Chatham residents on Wednesday August 7th from 3 pm until 8 pm at the Dennis Senior Center. At this session you will have the opportunity to meet with Federal, State and local officials to review these maps. We are also providing the opportunity to meet with local insurance representatives to discuss your insurance needs.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration is in the process of updating their Flood Insurance Rate Maps. FEMA has made significant changes to these maps. The Town of Dennis and our neighbors are working to ensure town residents are informed of these changes.

The New Preliminary Flood Maps have been incorporated into the Dennis online GIS maps. These maps can be found at the following link:

FEMA 2013 Preliminary Flood Map Information

When the map loads, click FIND on the left side of your screen. You can then search by your Assessors Map and Parcel number or by your street name followed by your street number.

PHOTO: Courtesy of the Stone Family; Hurricane Edna Flooding, 1954, West Dennis


2 thoughts on “FLOOD ZONE WORKSHOP

  1. Daniel Fortier Post author

    The key for the colors are found on the Layer tab. The solid colors, Blue, Magenta and Yellow are the existing flood layers, Blue represents A zones and Magenta V zones, these two zones currently require flood insurance. The solid yellow is the existing 500 year storm and presently does not require flood insurance. I advise most people to turn this layer off under the FEMA Q3 layer. The two stripe layers, brown and yellow represent the areas that will be in the flood zones with the proposed changes. The Brown Stripes represent the A zones and the Yellow Stripe the V Zones. These two areas will require flood insurance after the changes take place next June. A and V zones are 1% storm events, V represents areas that not only flood but are also exposed to wave action.

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