Just Thinking…..

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of Lowe’s on Bass River water quality and the nitrogen mitigation funds that would be paid if the store gets approved. I am sure we will field a large number of ideas for the use of this money. While the mitigation payment would go a long way towards supporting the redevelopment of the Dennis Port Village Center, it is in the wrong watershed. But we do have another village center that suffers from undersized lots and wastewater problems, West Dennis Village Center.

West Dennis Village Center is located in the Bass River watershed; has many lots on aging wastewater systems; and could use a shot in the arm to attract new businesses and residents. We even had a landlord not rent a commercial unit due to it causing a need to bring the site’s septic system up to modern standards.

What do you think, if Lowe’s is approved, should we use the nitrogen mitigation funds to help the historic West Dennis Village Center?


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