Harbor Zoning Discussions With the Town Planner

Just a reminder that we are going to be meeting this Thursday at 9 am at the West Dennis Graded Schoolhouse at 67 School Street in West Dennis once again to continue our discussions towards crafting an appropriate Harbor Zoning District. 

At the last meeting we developed a list of uses one would typically expect to find in a harbor/marina area. As I looked over the list, some of the ideas were more design elements (planters) than uses and some were clearly accessory facilities (bathrooms, showers) than items we might consider a particular land use. In addition, I believe we developed a list that could be broken down further into two sets of categories, those that might be a principle use of a property and those that we might not want as a principle use. While I talked about trying to prioritize the list of uses this week, I think we might be better served to try to break this down into four categories first; Design Elements, Accessory Facilities (defined as not generating its own demand for services), Accessory Uses (defined as generating its own demands such as vehicle traffic but that we might not want as a stand-alone use in this area) and Principle Uses (a primary use for the land). 

For those looking ahead, we will meet one more time (September 12th at 9 am at the Schoolhouse) before the EDC meets on September 19th. The EDC will also be at9 am at the Schoolhouse. We will probably have to skip September 26th as the West Dennis Graded Shoolhouse is not available and start up again on October 3rd. 

The list:

Harbor Master’s Command Center
Hauling and launching facilities
Private Restrooms
Showers for overnight visitors
Public Restrooms
Public Park/non-boat access
more green area
planter areas
Safe Access to coastal waters for boating
speed bumps
Boat storage
emergency services
boat pump out facility
docks and slips
adequate parking for cars and trailers
Balance between historic/working/recreational boating (includes visual impacts)
enhanced historic review
balance between mooring/slip/trailering opportunities
food service
boat repair
safe and accessible fuel services
bait and tackle shop
ships supply store
personal watercraft facilities including launch facilities
pedestrian facilities


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