Northside Marina Zoning Board Hearings – What to Expect Monday Night

Monday night the Zoning Board of Appeals will hear testimony from counsel for Northside Marina, The Sesuit Neck Property Owner’s Assocation and the Town regarding the request for enforcement of zoning at Northside Marina. After receiving the testimony, the Board will have an opportunity to question the parties to the appeals. When the Board has completed its questioning they will then seek public input.

There will be a sign in sheet at the entrance to the hearing room at the Dennis Senior Center. Those wishing to speak are asked to sign in. When the Board is satisfied that they have heard all relevant comments, they will close the public testimony. At that point they might decide to ask additional questions of the attorneys or to begin their deliberations.

The Board will complete this hearing on Monday night and will vote on each of the appeal issues before it.

The hearing will begin at 6 pm on Monday September 30th at the Dennis Senior Center. The hearing will also be televised on the Dennis Channel 18 as well as streaming live on the Dennis Website.



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