Some Meeting Schedule Updates

Due to the need to once again reschedule the Zoning Board of Appeals hearing on Northside Marina, a number of other meetings have also been turned somewhat upside down. Below is a rundown of changes. Items that need to be continued will be continued to “date certain” we just don’t have that information just yet.

October 28th ZBA, on the 28th there was scheduled a hearing on additional seating at Northside Marina. That hearing will need to be continued since we have not completed the hearing on the Enforcement Actions. This hearing will be continued to December. We are waiting for a specific date on this.  The October 28th hearing will still be held at the Dennis Senior Center and will start at 6 pm. We presently have 12 items on that agenda.

November 4th Planning Board Hearing. We had continued the Site Plan Review of Northside Marina to November 4th. The Planning Board will meet on the 4th at Town Hall solely for the purpose of continuing this meeting to a future date. I am presently thinking it will be the first Monday in December at 6:30 at the Dennis Senior Center. We need to confirm we can get the room. As the Planning Board will meet at 6:30 and we will already be well into the Zoning Board Hearing, obviously no testimony will be taken by the Planning Board on the 4th.

November 4th Zoning Board Hearing on Northside Marina Appeals. This will be at 6 pm at the Wixon School.

November 18th, the Harbor Study Committee will meet at 5 pm at the Town Hall in the Downstairs Small Conference Room, this could be changed to the Senior Center if the Planning Board meeting is moved to that location.

November 18th Planning Board, we are presently taking applications for what was to be the November 4th Planning Board hearing night.  All applications to be filed for the November 4th hearing will be advertised for November 18th instead. I expect that the Planning Board will have a number of hearings that night. The Planning Board will meet in the Large Hearing Room at Town Hall at 6:30 pm. We might explore the availability of the Dennis Senior Center for the hearings on the 18th prior to advertising.

November 25th will be the normal Zoning Board hearing night for November. I am not sure where we might meet that night. Might be Wixon.


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