Dennis medical pot sites named |

Dennis medical pot sites named |


2 thoughts on “Dennis medical pot sites named |

  1. Alice juliano

    I have questions about the entire project, such as where is it going to be grown, who will be the person checking the scripts, such as a pharmacy assistant, and filling it with the prescribed amount.
    I have concerns about people getting illegitimate scripts, stealing, and other issues related to any addictive substance. What is the background of those applying for the special permit. I would like a lot more information on this project, such as hours of operation, etc.

  2. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Alice, There will be more levels of security in place at these facilities than you find at a typical CVS or liquor store. The requirements call for special identification for patients or care takers of eligible patients. Only one person may enter the facility at a time and they must have proper identification. So, you would not be able to pick up a prescription for your husband, for instance, unless you were designated as their caretaker and had been issued an appropriate identification. Prescriptions will be required, and filled in somewhat a similar form as with oxycodone or other narcotic type prescriptions, except in a far more secure facility. There are presently 18 strains of marijuana being used medicinally, 16 of those have had the THC either removed or reduced through genetic modification. THC is the hallucinogenic in marijuana. Most patients do not need THC for treatment. THC also causes nausea, which for many patients the marijuana is being prescribed to control.

    Having one of these facilities in Dennis will control the proliferation of grow-at-home prescriptions that are presently being written. We now have several such permits. The grow-at-home operations are far less secure, and a greater problem for police, than having a centralized dispensary. Grow-at-home operations generally are placing large strains on household electricity to maintain the proper lighting, heat and humidity for growing, often leading to house fires. These operations are also more prone to theft of product than dispensaries. Finally, having a large number of grow at home operations would make proper enforcement near impossible for the Dennis Police as it will be difficult to know which homeowner has a proper permit and which does not – grow at home permit holders do not have to register with the Police (HIPAA protections).

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