Monday Night Meetings – What to Expect

Monday night there are two meetings scheduled that people are probably interested in. Only one of the meetings will take any testimony.

First, although it is the second of the two meetings, the Planning Board will be meeting at 6:30 in the Large Conference Room at Dennis Town Hall. This meeting is regarding the Public Hearing on the Site Plan Review for Northside Marina. As the review of this site plan is connected to the Board of Appeals hearing on the Appeals of the Building Commissioner’s Enforcement decisions, the Planning Board will meet solely to continue the hearing until its December 2nd hearing date.

Meeting at 6 pm at the Wixon School will be the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Zoning Board will be hearing the Appeals of the Building Commissioner’s Enforcement decisions. Typically, the Board will hear from all the parties in a case; listen to testimony from the public; ask questions of all involved; and ultimately take its vote.The Board must render its decision, and have it recorded with the Town Clerk’s Office by December 2nd. The Board of Appeals has one more scheduled hearing date before December 2nd. While it is possible that the Board could hold off voting until that date, the November 25th meeting already has 9 items on its agenda. Hardly a conducive atmosphere for extending this case to that night.

I would expect that all public testimony will be completed Monday night. If the Board holds to past form, it will also vote Monday night.


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