Sesuit Harbor Zoning Discussions With The Town Planner

We had a very productive meeting today regarding the “private club” aspects of the Sesuit Harbor zoning. I will now try to type up our efforts for each of the Principle Uses we have compiled for wider distribution.

A quick hit though, Private Clubs, in the Sesuit Harbor Zoning District will be restricted to “water oriented social clubs which provide family oriented social and athletic facilities and youth educational opportunities.” This is the general working description. We developed a list of facilities and design elements to go with this description as we have with the other principle uses.

We also tackled cross-tabulating the accessory uses, allowed by special permit, with each of the principle uses. That will be covered in my next post.

Finally, we decided to ask the Economic Development Committee to postpone their November meeting so we can continue these discussions next week. So, Thursday November 21st at 9 am we will have our next Sesuit Harbor Discussion With The Town Planner at the Town Hall Annex.


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