Marijuana industry relieved as feds allow banking: Bloomberg Business Week

Good news for the Medical Marijuana dispensary in Dennis and the patients who will make use of the facility. Public safety issues will also be eased as these facilities will no longer be forced into cash only transactions.

Marijuana industry relieved as feds allow banking


2 thoughts on “Marijuana industry relieved as feds allow banking: Bloomberg Business Week

  1. Kathleen Chippi

    So another federal memo that offers no real protection. And who is
    getting protection anyway? Not the MJ business owners, but banks…And
    why such a to do when the banks have been found guilty in the court of
    law for laundering hundreds of billions for drug cartels….

    “How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs”… … drug-gangs

    “Sweetheart settlement for HSBC bank on drug money laundering charges”… … c-d13.html

    “Wells Fargo: Your Neighborhood Mega-Money Laundering, Drug War Profiteering, Prison-Industry Enlarging Bank”
    “Wells Fargo is one big elite networking operation that’s not afraid to get its hands covered in blood money.”

    In months not a single mention from the feds on how to make it legal on the business owners side of things….just big banks who have excellent experience in laundering drug money, were deemed too big to jail, and owe the feds one for the lenient ‘penalties’ over billions in blood money. Looks like the feds want the large amounts of money back in the banks so it’s easier to seize from business owners who can still be charged with RICO laws…..

  2. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Kathleen, from a very basic point of view, this is a big step. Until this change in position we had to worry about elderly cancer patients travelling with large sums of cash to a dispensary. Without this change,the dispensary would also be faced with handling and storing large sums of cash. All of which makes these clients and the dispensaries targets for robbery. So, as a town planner, with a dispensary soon to open within our boundaries, this is viewed as a step in the right direction.

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