Sesuit Harbor Zoning Discussion with EDC

We had a great meeting today, made it half way through the proposed by-law, with the Economic Development Committee. I will be making the changes on-line soon and getting the revisions out to everyone.

After the meeting a couple of issues were brought to my attention that need further consideration.  To quickly gather input, each of these issues is followed by a simple yes/no survey.

First, should there be any allowance for limited seating inside a food service facility in a commercial marina?

Second, should limited seating inside a food service facility (if not allowed in general) be allowed on rainy days?

Third, should weddings be allowed on marina properties before July 1st and after Labor Day?

Finally, should other temporary functions (fundraisers for instance) be allowed on marina properties?

This last provision would follow the allowance of “Temporary Uses” which are allowed by right in all other zoning districts subject to requiring “a permit from the Board of Selectmen. Such uses shall be allowable for no more than 11 days, from beginning of set-up to end of take down.”


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