Flood Zone Zoning Amendment Discussion: Why It is Important

Below is a slideshow I will be presenting to the Dennis Planning Board to describe the importance of the adoption of the revised flood maps as part of the Dennis Zoning By-law.


3 thoughts on “Flood Zone Zoning Amendment Discussion: Why It is Important

  1. Annie K Hughes

    Where did you get the average flood insurance coverage of $216,000? Is this the maximum coverage available for the plans offered for Cape Cod homes?

  2. Daniel Fortier Post author

    Maximum structural coverage is $250,000 for a residence. The average came from dividing the total premium value ($245,632,900) by the number of policies (1,133) written in Dennis. Very rudimentary as this includes all policies including commercial ones. In Chatham the average policy is over $300k as commercial policies can go up to $500,000. If we have a large number of top level commercial policies, then the average residential policy value would drop. A new standard flood insurance risk policy, outside of an A or V zone costs $1,198 at present (preferred flood risk $460) for $250,000 of structural coverage. If the Senate adopts the House’s version of the Flood Insurance Relief Act, those purchasing new flood insurance policies before the new maps go into effect could expect either the $460 or $1,198 rate to apply. Not sure which one it would be but it would set the baseline for future grandfather protections.

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