FEMA Primary Residence Definition for Insurance Rating Status Changing June 1, 2014

Last night I posted, FEMA Primary Residence Definition for Insurance Rating Status May Be Changing. After finding this information I immediately sent out requests to my contacts at the State, FEMA and local insurance companies to try to learn more about it.

The report back is very good news. For premium purposes, Primary Residence status is being shifted from the 80% of the year, 292 day, standard to a more than 50%, 183 day, standard. This will qualify many more home owners for the lower insurance premium rates.

In Dennis Port, only 31% of the housing units are classified as year-round occupied based upon the 2010 Census. In West Dennis the figure was 40% classified year-round. These two villages will benefit the most from this premium change as these vacancies on Census Day (April 1st) are among the homes that are occupied for over 50% of the year, mid-April to Veteran’s day generally.

This change will be coming out to Dennis residents with policy renewals being generated starting in June 2014. Watch for it. You will need to verify that one of the property owners resides on the property for more than 50% of the year. Not providing the requested information will result in a property being classified non-primary.


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