Sesuit Harbor Zoning

I had an interesting discussion with Town Counsel tonight regarding MGL Chapter 91 Section 10C,  zoning and harbor operations. Essentially Counsel takes a somewhat middle of the road position. Chapter 91 10C does, even in the current non-conforming status, relatively unfettered access to the transient, commercial pier. HOWEVER, where parking requirements are connected to the number of slips, there is no requirement that the vessels using the transient commercial pier have access to site parking spaces. In fact, it would seem that since no parking spaces are created for this pier, the marina would not be able to accommodate peak period parking demands associated with vessels loading passengers at this pier if those vehicles are on-site between 10 am and 3 pm most days.

So, tying our zoning and management planning together, we can manage commercial charter numbers operating from slips through the Zoning By-law; we can also state that prior to 3 pm no operations from the transient commercial pier may  make use of marina parking, this should occur both through zoning and the site’s operational guidelines; and, operationally, a process for controlling parking access must be created.

Some ideas include, segregating recreational vessel parking from charter/excursion parking; creating a clear process for determining the nature of vehicles on site such as recreational boating parking permits, placard identification tags for vehicles associated with berthed charter fishing vessels and excursions; and short-term metered parking for a percentage of site parking.

Revisiting our earlier discussions, 0.3 of the 0.65 parking spaces per slip are associated with slip holders.  Further we discussed assigning a captain’s space (slipholder) and two guest spaces to each charter fishing vessel. The remaining spaces would be short-term metered spaces which could double as parking for excursion vessel parking for the three excursion operations provided for in the by-law.

I will work out the specific numbers tomorrow.


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