It’s That Time – Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Time

A couple weeks ago I put out an advance notice that I was expecting the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program to be announced by FEMA. Today I got that notice, see below. I am looking to put together a grant to seek funding to elevate structures located within the flood zones in Dennis. The grant program will cover up to 75% of this expense. To make this financially viable, I need at least 10 homes. This grant program is only available for lifting an existing structure, it does not make provisions for projects that would include expanding these structures, at least from what I can determine.

If you are interested, please contact me in the Dennis Planning Office for more details. However, each potential applicant will need to provide:

  • The property address, original date of construction, and two color photographs for any buildings, structures, objects, or manmade sites/landscapes features that are 50 years or more in age. At least one of the two photographs provided of a building should be the front or primary façade showing the elevation;

  • Any identified federally listed threatened or endangered species and/or designated critical habitat in the project area;

  • Vegetation, including amount (area), type, and extent to be removed or affected;

  • Identification of all surface waters in the project area regardless of drainage area, size, or perceived hazard level. Information about surface waters should include dimensions, proximity of the project activity to the water, and the expected and possible impacts of the project upon surface waters, if any; and

  • A description of any adverse effects on low income or minority populations in the project area.

If a property is a repetitive loss property, the property owner will be required, at the end of the project, to provide an update to the national repetitive loss database (this includes an as-built elevation certificate).

Essentially I will need your cost estimate, survey plan, building elevations, existing and proposed first floor elevations, flood elevation on the property based upon the July 2014 maps, and the information noted by FEMA above.

To participate, I need your information by no later than June 9th.

FY14 PDM FMA Announcement Memo_Page_1 FY14 PDM FMA Announcement Memo_Page_2 FY14 PDM FMA Announcement Memo_Page_3


2 thoughts on “It’s That Time – Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Time

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