Cottages, Cottages, Cottages – Mayflower Beach Villas

At the last Board of Appeals hearing the ZBA was faced with a request to raze and replace 6 cottages on the north side. At present, the cottages range from about 300 sf to about 600 sf. The proposal calls for tearing these down, making the new cottages comply with zoning setbacks and increase the size of the structures. Under the proposal, each cottage will have a footprint of roughly 700 sf and total living space, across two stories, of about 1,370 sf.


Above is the site plan for the project, below are the drawings for one of the proposed new cottages.

201405231000_Page_1 201405231000_Page_2

The Old King’s Highway Regional Historic District has already approved the replacement of the old cottages on this site with the new ones. The Board of Appeals asked the landowner to meet with his neighbors and come back to the June 23rd meeting with agreements on landscaping and screening to ensure adequate screening for the neighbors.

This meeting will take place on-site on Saturday May 31st at 10 am. I hope the concerned neighbors will make every attempt to attend this meeting.

As Scott Van Voorhis rightfully points out in his Boston Globe column, these are “Not Your Granddaddy’s Cottages” but they do reflect the direction for the future of cottages both on the north and south sides of Dennis.


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