Boston Globe: The Nantucket housing shuffle

I found this article through the Oaks Bluff Planning Board page. They were using it to make a comparison between the cost of housing in their town to that on Nantucket, i.e. determining how to properly regulate while not creating a situation where islanders get forced out as the area becomes too expensive for year-round workers.

Like it or not, Cape Cod and Dennis, have the same problems. In the last census over 50% of the homes in Dennis were occupied as seasonal housing, second homes. Second homes create a unique strain on a community, driving up housing costs by bringing in disposable cash from areas outside the Cape economy.

As we continue to plan for the future of Dennis, we need to recognize that we need to plan for the second home market as much as for our local, year-round worker needs.If we do not, then we will make it harder and harder for the year-round economy to grow. Essentially, while we continue to sell summer as our primary export industry, we need to do this in a manner that does not over stress the local housing market. This means that we need to continue to consider how we accommodate the demands for seasonal living, in targeted seasonal communities, in order to relieve excess pressure on available year-round housing.

The Nantucket housing shuffle


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