A Community For Those Most At Risk

Over the past two weeks a proposal for town owned land along Hokum Rock Road has generated a lot of discussion. The parcel is located on the south side of Hokum Rock Road on land that has served as the town sand pit .


The property is bordered by sand pits to the west, town owned land to the south and open space associated with the Fox Run Subdivision to the east. Overall the site contains just over 16 acres.  The proposal, since its first introduction, has been scaled down to address community concerns.

Town Meeting will be asked to make the northerly five acres of the site available for the creation of an affordable housing community for adults with autism and autism spectrum related disorders. A request for proposals will be issued asking for qualified proposals to provide this community. 


Area shaded with yellow to remain open space.

.                                                                   Area shaded with yellow to remain open space.

Our conceptual plan calls for the creation of four dwellings, a community center and possibly a barn. Each dwelling will consist of a living room and kitchen along with four bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms will be designed like a studio apartment providing the resident with their own bathroom, refrigerator and area to prepare food.

We are looking to create a community that serves the life needs of these at-risk adults. Many still live at home with aging parents. These parents are worried about what will happen to their adult children. These worries include the very real possibility that these adults may wind up homeless. The community will provide opportunities for on-site counseling, life training, transportation services, advocacy and other services needed to provide a quality of life for these members of our town.


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