“Keep Dunkin Off Route 6A” – Part 3

Now I will address the specifics of what is before the Planning Board.

The site has a bit of a history to it. After Mobil closed down, and no one was able to reopen the service bays on the property, the site was acquired by Christy’s of Cape Cod. At the time Christy’s came forward to convert the service station to a convenience store it still controlled enough sites to be considered a formula based business.  The Christy proposal was reviewed under these standards. During the review of this proposal, Christy’s divested of most of its holdings. However, as convenience stores fall under Section of the Dennis Zoning By-law, the convenience store still needed a Special Permit to operate at this site. As part of reviewing this Special Permit, the Planning Board approved not only the site plan with parking, lighting, pedestrian facilities and a host of other issues, the Planning Board also approved a sign that was part of the application.

As time went on, Christy’s sold the property to the current owners, who inherited the restrictions that were placed in the original Special Permit. The sign was allowed to be modified to replace “Christy’s of Cape Cod” with “Cape Cod Farms.”  All other restrictions relative to the sign face was kept in place.

NOW, the Planning Board is faced with a request specific to the sign. The Planning Board is NOT being asked to approve Dunkin going into the store. The proposed sign modification is illustrated below:

Dunkin 1

Obvious thoughts are ones that many have raised, the sign does not announce that it features the current coffee served or any other product sold; the colors are too harsh for the sign; the lettering too large; etc. These are all issues that both the Dennis Planning Board and Old King’s Highway will have to wrestle with.

As a sign has been approved for the property with specific conditions, the Board is not compelled to approve the modification. However, they must give it a fair hearing, discuss alternatives, and act within the limits of zoning.

As I have mentioned, the substitution of Dunkin branded coffee and other items is not before the Board.


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