Affordable Housing Data from the 2013 American Community Survey – Part 2

The following information has been extracted from the American Community Survey and paints a rather bleak picture for housing affordability in Dennis. This information was made available to the town leaders participating in the March 3rd Housing Forum hosted by the Dennis Board of Selectmen.

Second, some information on poverty levels.

  • 12.3% of all families live in poverty
  • 37.6% of families with children under age 18 live in poverty
  • 16.9% of all residents live in poverty
  • 45.1% of all children under age 18 live in poverty

2013 poverty limits  and additional data – Massachusetts (poverty)/Dennis (Fair Market Rents)

Family size Annual Income Monthly Income Rent they can afford Corresponding Fair Market Rent for Family Size Income Deficit
1  $11,490  $958  $287  $825  $(538)
2  $15,510  $1,293  $388  $920  $(532)
3  $19,530  $1,628  $488  $1,234  $(746)
4  $23,550  $1,963  $589  $1,614  $(1,025)
5  $27,570  $2,298  $689  $1,695  $(1,006)

Poverty data reveals more telling needs than we might see from the rental data previously discussed.  While I noted that we have a deficit of 217 one-bedroom rental units, we, more tellingly, have a deficit of 747 family rental housing units.  Delving deeper into the numbers, almost 490 housing units are needed for families living in poverty, we do not have a corresponding figure for households (household counts include families, single people, and other living arrangements of unrelated individuals). These are housing for people generally earning less than 30% of median income. The Housing Authority, Lewis Gordon Senior Apartments and Dennis Commons provide housing for a portion of this target population, however, if these facilities were occupied completely by families in poverty, the would meet only half the need for this type of housing. Looking ahead at the figures that will come out of the next post, nearly one-quarter of our affordable housing needs are for families living in poverty.


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