Planning Board Zoning Amendments – Part 1

On April 13th the Planning Board will be taking testimony on two zoning amendments.

First is a map amendment originally requested by the Baroni’s as owners of Holiday Hill and adjacent land.  The request was to extend the General Commercial II zoning boundary to the rear property line for the two properties between the hotel and Benny’s Plaza. When the Planning Board reviewed the request they noticed that other portions of the Holiday Hill complex were also sitting in the residential zoning district. The Planning Board hearing will take testimony on correcting zoning inconsistencies for the entire Holiday Hill/Mill Store complex.

The proposal:

To see if the Town of Dennis will vote to amend the Dennis Zoning Map by changing the zoning in Dennis Port along Route 28 from R-40 to GC-II specifically on Assessor’s Map 73 Lots 2, 3 and 6 to correct split lot zoning issues related to these parcels and match the rear of the GC-II district on these three properties to adjacent properties as illustrated on a map that is available for review in the Dennis Planning Office.



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