“Owner Occupied” Zoning Definition

From the “We can learn from what others are doing” school of zoning….

Nantucket just finished with its Town Meeting.  Needless to say they entertained a number of zoning amendments. Some mundane. Some intriguing.

Drawing from a more detailed zoning amendment, I found them adopting a definition of “owner occupied.” As I read it, I realized we do not define this term either, even though we make use of it in several sections of our zoning by-law.

Nantucket proposed the following:

“OWNER OCCUPIED The primary  residence,  or  temporary  (seasonal)  residence,  of  a person(s)  or  the individual  beneficiaries  of  a legal  entity  that  holds  title  to  the  property,  where such persons  are physically  present  and  living within dwelling  units  on said property  for  at least  three  months  each calendar  year.   Properties  owned  by  corporations  and the like, time sharing interval  dwelling  units,  or  where  all  units  are made available  for  rent  do not qualify  as  owner  occupied.”

It is a definition we could work with. It recognizes the seasonal nature of the use of housing in this area; the issue of interval ownership properties; properties in family trusts; and corporate owned properties.  The length of owner occupancy may be a bit short,  but it provides a starting point.

Let’s start the discussion.


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