Flood Insurance Advocate

I am going to plant a seed and see where it will go. Possibly nowhere,  as I feel very few towns are as deeply into assisting local property owners with flood insurance issues as we are in Dennis. But, we need a flood insurance advocate on Cape Cod.

It is not a large enough issue that each community needs one, but, clearly it is needed.

Over the last month I have assisted one resident deal with an old Letter Of Map Amendment that was superceded by the new maps and another who was directed that they needed a LOMA. In both cases the July 2014 map changes reflected that the properties were no longer in a flood zone. In both cases the off-Cape insurance company assessed the property owner with flood zone insurance rates.

Neither property had a mortgage.  The property owners could have walked away and dropped their insurance. Luckily neither did as this would just have kicked the can down the road a bit farther. The problem would have raised its ugly head again at a less opportune time, when a sale was pending.

I do not like doing it but, I had to call upon our State Representative,  Congressman and the regional National Flood Insurance representatives to help these property owners. I am sure there are many more in need of help,  who have not stepped forward.

Everyone getting their flood insurance renewals need to double check the determination that has been made. To whit:

• Is the flood zone determination correct? And
• Have they correctly determined whether you qualify for primary residence status?

We clearly need someone in the county to hold people’s hands through this process.


3 thoughts on “Flood Insurance Advocate

  1. Victoria

    I would be interested in alking with you regarding my home and flood zones in Dennisport. How do I reach you?

  2. Denise Pressman

    Hi Daniel- My husband and I are trying to purchase a home in Dennis Port. It’s in the High Risk flood zone and we are trying to see if there is an elevation certificate on file with the town to try and defray the high cost of flood insurance. Can you please help us? My email is denise@fleetingmomentsphotoct.com

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