“I think I should get to decide.”

A powerful article from The Atlantic, it covers much of what F.O.R.W.A.R.D. or any other potential applicants for the Autism Spectrum Housing on Hokum Rock Road will be facing. The concept, that was brought to the town many months ago, quite clearly fits the “intentional community” concept. Residents will choose whether they want to be there; can choose how their services are provided; etc.

Isolation crosses society. Elderly become isolated in their homes. Families with children become isolated in neighborhoods without them. Blue collar workers become isolated in white collar communities. To solve such isolation the elderly move to retirement communities (making places like Cape Cod one of the highest concentrations of elderly people in the state); families look to locate where other children are nearby; and workers of similar backgrounds choose to live close to one another. Only with disabled individuals do we, as a society, seem to feel we have the answers, and they must follow directives rather than have choices.

Tomorrow the Request for Proposals period ends for the Hokum Rock Road project. Will we see an intentional community come together? Or will we see a community dictated by Boston? Only time will tell.

The article from The Atlantic:

Who Decides Where Autistic Adults Live?


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