Cape Cod Times Editorial: Housing for all

Housing for all

For the past 15 years Dennis has taken a lead in developing new ways to address the housing crisis. First, we started with the affordable housing by-law, which provides development incentives for affordable housing. This includes provisions for accessory dwelling units in residential homes, converting unused commercial space into residential units, and promoting new development opportunities. Next we tackled to village center projects with allowances, and linkages, to create multifamily housing in these areas. We have modified other aspects of the Dennis Zoning By-law as recently as this past May to increase the ability of families to support their family members by legalizing in-law apartments as well.

For the future, we are looking at still a number of zoning initiatives. Under Chapter 40R we are considering rezoning an area adjacent to Candlewood Drive for higher density, detached housing. We are looking at the stretch of Route 28 from the Village Center to the Shoe Mart area to promote an in-fill of housing alternatives to turn this into a mixed use area. Finally, we are looking at the GC-III and a portion of the Industrial Zone around Exit 9 to create a new economic center that will change the look of this area into one that promotes a live, work, shop environment that will provide housing for all generations.

Soon, I will also be meeting with the Selectmen as a follow up to their recent housing forum. We will discuss the disposition of several town parcels. Land that could be used to create new housing opportunities.

A lot has happened, and will continue to happen to address our housing shortage.


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