Improvements to the Project Review Process

Tonight the technical review staff will be presenting to the Dennis Board of Selectmen changes recently adopted by the Planning Board to improve the project review process. The cornerstone of this process is the early involvement of the technical review staff in all projects going before the Planning Board.

Ideally, all applicants will request, before submitting an application to the Planning Board, to meet with the technical review staff. This will provide an opportunity for the applicant to get as much staff review as possible prior to starting the permitting process. However, should an applicant file with the Planning Board without going through the staff review process, the Planning Board’s recently adopted Rules and Regulations will direct applicants to meet with the staff and the Planning Board will coordinate its Public Hearing process with the ability of staff to fully vent site design issues.

In the end, the goal is to make the project review process as painless as possible for both the applicant and the Planning Board. To that end, a clearer set of plan submittal requirements have been attached to the Planning Board Special Permit and Site Plan Review Application. Soon, similar revisions to the Approval Not Required, Preliminary and Definitive Subdivision Applications will also be available.

These plan requirements are nothing new, they simply represent pulling the requirements of adopted town by-laws and regulations into a more easily accessible list. We expect to take this same process through the requirements for the Zoning Board of Appeals and the other regulatory boards.

The full Planing Board Special Permit and Site Plan Review Application is on the Town Website and available through this link as well:

Planning Board Special Permit and Site Plan Review Application


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