Solar Power As A Means Of Reclaiming Old Sand Pits?

For well over two years I have been discussing with the Alternative Energy Committee additional locations for solar power in Dennis. During this time period, the concept of the sand pits came up. Around the same time P. J. Nyberg approached me about his pits and what he could do with the sites he owned. From this, the idea was born to consider these sites, with tremendous sun exposure for solar farms. It took awhile to figure out a simple approach to this proposal. The challenge was creating a proposal that applied to a limited number of parcels presently zoned residential that have had a history of functioning as sand pits.  The following provides a concept for the zoning amendment and an idea of the locations where this might apply.

Simply changing the use table seems like the best approach.

  1. a) amend Section Use Regulation Schedule, Industrial, Utility and Other Uses Subsection 7.i Commercial Scale Solar Energy Electrical Generator:





Quivet Neck/ Crowe’s Pasture

Resource Protection District













Area A


Area B

i. Commercial Scale Solar Energy Electrical Generator N  S* N N N N S S Y N N

*  By Special Permit of the Planning Board for the purpose of reclaiming former sand pit properties of at least 2.5 acres in size.

The minimum tract of land could be anywhere from 2.5 to 4 acres depending upon how broadly the Board may want this to reach. Below are a few areas where this could apply, and the land area associated with the remaining sand pit.

Some of these sites are under multiple ownership, some include public lands (town and water district). Only one site has had any level of new vegetation take over.

Location 1

Location 1 is about 7.6 acres in the residential zone and another 8 in the GCI Zoning District. Commercial Solar is allowed in the GC I district.

Location 2

Location 2 is about 13 acres.

Location 3

Location 3 is about 2.8 acres

Location 4

Location 4 is about 63 acres

Location 5

Location 5 is about 30.4 acres.


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