Town of Dennis Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016

The Draft 2016 Town of Dennis Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan is available for review and comment.

The Town of Dennis is required to maintain a federally approved Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan to remain eligible for disaster relief, and pre-disaster mitigation, funding from the Federal Emergency Management Administration.  This document is tied into a number of funding programs that the town may seek grants under in the coming years.  In particular we have had a number of recent inquiries about grants for flood-proofing homes located within flood prone areas.  These grants are among the funding sources tied to the town having this document in place.

In order to complete this document, the town is required to have a public participation program in place to involve the public through-out the process.  Dennis will be making use of existing committee meetings (Planning Board and Board of Selectmen), the town libraries and this blog to disseminate information on the plan and to seek your feedback.

Over the past two years we have held discussions on flood zone changes, modifications to zoning to promote flood proofing homes, dredging, beach renourishment, our barrier beaches, etc. These discussions have guided staff in preparing this Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update.

It is our hope that you will read the sections of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan posted on here.    Or,  by downloading a pdf of the entire plan by clicking here. We look forward to your comments on the plan.


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