Zero:2016 – A Home For Veterans By Christmas?

Back in November I shared an article on Zero:2016 and spoke of possibilities for a site for homeless veterans in Dennis. Well, Selectman Wayne Bergeron and I have been busy since then. We have explored many possibilities and we might have found a town-owned site.

We will be looking for many volunteers from within Dennis and across Cape Cod to make this a reality. I have already talked to McPhee Associates about designing a single-story house that would provide fully accessible living accommodations. I have already had local builder Eric Oman tell me he wants in on this project.

We will be approaching a local business leader to lead a private fundraising effort and with McPhee Associates building design in hand we will approach the Community Preservation Committee for funding to at least cover the building supplies.

We will be looking in every corner to get this done. We need all sorts of volunteers, from a surveyor to landscape designer to people to build and paint the home. If you are interested in helping get this done let me know.

It might be a tight timetable, but let’s start with the goal of:

 A Home For Veterans By Christmas


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