Tiny Houses Nantucket Redux

So, I thought when Nantucket adopted zoning for secondary and tertiary dwellings, effectively structures then defined as under 550 sf, they had effectively created zoning that allowed “tiny houses.” At Nantucket Town Meeting yesterday, despite the Planning Board stating zoning already allowed for “tiny houses,” they approved specific authorization for “tiny houses.”

What passed in Nantucket:

1. To amend section 2, definitions, as follows:

TINY HOUSE UNIT OWNER OCCUPIED The primary residence of a person(s) or the individual beneficiaries of a legal entity that holds title, common title or land lease to the property, where such persons are year-round residents, listed in the Town Clerk’s Street List, physically present and living within dwelling units on said property or any direct relative of that individual. Properties owned by corporations and the like, time sharing interval dwelling units, or where all units are made available for rent do not qualify as tiny house owner occupied.

TINY HOUSE UNIT A detached structure of less than 500 square feet containing a single tiny house unit owner occupied dwelling unit, constructed on a moveable trailer, or a slab foundation. A tiny house may be accessory to an existing dwelling(s) on a lot at a density of one unit for each lot area. No commercial or other non-residential uses shall be permitted on a lot containing a tiny house. The Planning Board shall be the special permit granting authority.

2. To amend section 7A, use chart, by inserting in the “Use” column between “accessory apartment” and “garage apartment” a new use “Tiny House” to be allowed by Special Permit (SP) or as an Accessory Use (A) in all zoning districts.

3. To amend section 7B, prohibited uses in all districts, as follows:

(2) Use of a trailer or a building-like container for residential purposes or as a principal or accessory building or structure except such structures designated as “Tiny House Units” or as necessary for storage of chemicals and/or equipment by the Nantucket Fire Department.

4. To amend section 18B, table of parking requirements” by inserting a new column “Tiny House” with a parking requirement of 1 space in all districts.


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