Going to go with this, “A Home For Vets For Christmas” Update

The community response has been outstanding! A quick rundown of the who and what,  applause all around!

Clerk of The Works: Gary Barber
Fundraising: Paul Covell, Covell Realty
Site Survey: Robin Wilcox, Sweetser Engineering
Building Design: Bob McPhee (Junior and Senior) McPhee Associates
Construction Recruitment: Bob McPhee Jr and the Cape Builders Association
Landscape Design: Jeff Eldredge, Starboard Side Landscaping
Closets: Ronny Mattes, Cape Cod Closet Systems and Roger DesRosiers, Expert Closets
Computer Netwoking: Dan Proto

Helping however they can: Eric Oman, Oman Construction (Dennis); Richard Donohue (Hyannis); Home Depot (in many ways materials, contractors, appliances).

Financial Support (Every Little Bit Helps): Raff Yagjian.

Thank you all for stepping forward!


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