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  1. Daniel Fortier Post author


    At the moment the people to talk to would be either the Dennis Housing Authority, the Housing Assistance Corporation (in Hyannis) or the Dennis Senior Center Director. We are going to be trying to set up a “Ready Renter/Ready Buyer” list to help in matching people in need of affordable housing with the owners of units. Hopefully we can kick that off in the next couple of months to make the process more streamlined.


  2. DD

    Ocean Pines adhere to the same rules as 49 A Baxter st. HAC Deed Rider.

    Why are 3 units C,E,J NOT Owner Occupied ?
    Also why aren’t the owners limited to 2 adults, as in the Restrictions?
    The Units are much too small for 3 people.

  3. Daniel Fortier Post author


    It would appear that you have some issues that could lead to enforcement either under the original Special Permit or by enforcement of you Master Deed. While the owners of several units have approached the Planning Board to modify the original approval, to allow rentals, as yet the Condominium Association does not allow rentals. Your Master Deed requires owner occupancy. This is a prime difference between Ocean Pines and 49 Baxter Street. At 49 Baxter Street the Master Deed allows rentals, only the Special Permit does not. The Association has requested a change to the Special Permit to allow the rentals. If there are rentals at Ocean Pines then the Association can enforce to end that situation itself, or by asking for enforcement of the Special Permit by the Building Commissioner.

    As to the number of people residing in individual units, the Special Permit set limits based upon the existing size, and also based upon approved expansions to some of the units. The original limitations were : Units A, B, C, H, I and J were limited to one person per unit; units D, E, F and G were limited to two persons. These limitations are in the Special Permit and are limits established under state health laws. In 2006 there was approval to allow five of the smaller units to expand. If the owners take advantage of that approval all the units except A could accommodate two people. It is my understanding that only one unit has taken advantage of the expansion allowance.

    The Condominium Association may want to watch the Baxter Street discussions and consider again if it wants to allow a carefully controlled rental situation. It sounds like it might be occurring right now without any controls.


  4. DD

    Thanks Dan,
    I will keep watching CD18 to see what happens with Baxter Street. I like the idea of making changes to the Special Permit, so as people won’t lose their Condos. Again that seems reasonable. No one needs to go into Foreclosure, just to move. On the other hand, Affordable housing will be tied up and has the potential of NEVER being put back on the Market. A lot of Massachusetts Residents are waiting for a chance for ANY Affordable Housing Opportunities to become Available.
    If I pay off my Condo. can I then make a profit by renting?

    Thanks in Advance

  5. Daniel Fortier Post author


    The idea is for the units to be owner occupied, but to recognize that family conditions change and the economy is not always responsive to the need to sell a unit. At Baxter Street, we are looking at limits on rent to cover their “operating” costs only. That would include mortgage, condo fees, taxes and insurance. They will be limited to recovering only those costs, no profit.

    Ocean Pines is quite different given the size of the units. Even before the economy tanked, it was difficult to find buyers for these units. In discussions the Board has had, they have recognized that this project probably would have been better off as a rental project rather than an ownership one. As such they might be willing to modify the Permit outright without the limitations on profit that would be put into place on Baxter Street. I think each project will have to be looked at individually. At Ocean Pines my recommendation would probably be to simply restrict the rent levels to those affordable to people earning the respective 80% or 120% incomes. The Baxter Street condo’s will sell when the condo market recovers.


  6. Ocean Piner

    Ocean Pines Condo;

    Unit B Resident shut off Water and Utilities 1-1/2 years ago and has NOT been in compliance with the Owner Occupancy on Deed or Deed Rider.

    Unit C Moved out over 3 yrs ago and has NOT been in compliance with the Owner Occupancy on Deed or Deed Rider.

    Unit D 3 People living there not known if this was resolved.

    Unit E has been renting for over 16 months which makes this an illegal renter for the 4-6 months when rental was NOT allowed. ALSO Renter has a dog that visits 3-4 days a week, this is NOT allowed per the RENTAL agreement last june, NOT even temporary pets. This is in a Trust from Previous Owner and is NOT Owner Occupied..

    Unit H Has a POSSIBLE Renter in there, is not amended on the Assessor’s Database / Property Sheet as a Rental Property, so it is doubted that Health Department has given a Certificate of rental, if needed. This Property was never an Owner Occupied Unit.

    Unit I was abandoned by the Owner, Work was done to allow it for Renting by Previous Owners Sister and Brother In Law. It seems that this family has Bought it.
    To make this scenario totally complete, when it was sold to the Sister the Deed States to keep it Affordable Housing, ONLY a 1% Profit can be made. So when this property was resold, put it in a Trust. I am also hoping that this was not sold outside of the Deed Restrictions.

    Unit J may have bought by Parties that purchased Unit I, in the same fashion as fixing it up for a immediate profit and into another Trust.

    The new Landlords need to be held to the same standards as the Owner Occupied Units. It has become a Very Depressed Condo Community, and nothing like we expected when papers were passed on own Homes.

  7. Daniel Fortier Post author

    As we discussed Thursday, I will be contacting the head of the condo association. I will also pull out the amended Special Permit as there appears to be some violations of the Special Permit as well. As we have an occupancy issue as well (number of residents exceeding occupancy limits under health codes)I will bring the Health Department into this as well.

  8. JudyAnn Wilson

    How long is the wait for affordable housing? Iam going to be homeless in 28 days due to being put on ssdi after a violent attack…JudyAnn

  9. Daniel Fortier Post author

    There are several avenues to follow, the Dennis Housing Authority should be contacted to see what they might have. The Housing Assistance Corporation in Hyannis has been very helpful as well. Our Council on Aging Director has also assisted us in relocating people living in motels to real housing. She coordinates these activities with a number of social service agencies. Finally, we have a number of private property owners who have created housing. We are working with our neighbors and the Cape Cod Commission on a regional database of renters looking for housing. The Initial Application is at this link : https://app.box.com/s/p8tmzmdpggxknq26k7wm .

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