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Daniel Fortier is the Town Planner for the Town of Dennis. He is a certified planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners. He has been the Town Planner since 2001.

Fannie Mae wants affordable housing developers to focus on resident wellbeing

Last year, Fannie Mae launched a program designed to increase the development of healthy living options for residents of affordable, multifamily rental properties. Now, Fannie Mae is rolling out a new feature of the program that aims to encourage developers to focus more on the health and wellbeing of their residents by offering a lower borrowing rate.

Source: Fannie Mae wants affordable housing developers to focus on resident wellbeing


New auto parts store may boost Dennis Port business scene

Busy Route 28 in Dennis Port has had its share of losses recently, as some stores have closed, and some business locations remain vacant. But one bright spot was evident last week when Orlerans Auto Supply started construction of its new retail store.The store, at 450 Route 28 is being built on the site of a former bank building that also served as Dennis Town Hall Annex for several years. It had been vacant before its demolition last fall.The new 5,000 square foot store will replace Orleans

Source: New auto parts store may boost Dennis Port business scene

Habitat for Humanity plans three new homes in Dennis

Three new affordable houses will be built in Dennis, with construction expected to start in late summer.Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod will build two houses on Jannal Drive on lots donated by developer George Hill and one on South Yarmouth Road on a lot donated by the town of Dennis. The Jannal Drive lots were designated for affordable housing as part of the permitting process for houses Hill was building elsewhere in town.The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston has awarded a grant of $83,970 to

Source: Habitat for Humanity plans three new homes in Dennis

Flood Insurance Program Update

Received from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition


At the end of the day on Friday, December 8th, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) expires.  The extension of the program is built into the Congressional Continuing Resolution, which has yet to be passed.  If the Continuing Resolution is not passed by Friday night, December 8th, the NFIP will expire.  This means no new policies can be written, existing policies cannot be renewed on their renewal, no claims can be filed and it may become difficult to close on a home during this time.  FEMA has also indicated they may not do a “look back” once the program becomes effective again, meaning forced place lender insurance may be required to cover the gap.

We suggest several actions for you at this point:

  • If you are closing in the next few weeks, and flood insurance is part of your closing, pay your flood insurance policy now (before the end of the day Friday) before the closing, with the effective date of the policy still being on the closing.

  • If you are coming up for a renewal in the next few weeks, pay your premium now.

  • If you do close on a home during this time without getting a flood policy ahead of time, you will be forced to get either private flood insurance or lender-placed insurance.

We will keep you up to date on what is happening, but should a Continuing Resolution pass on or before Friday, we expect this issue to continue for the next month or so as multiple, short-term Continuing Resolutions are considered.

For questions on your specific lender requirements, please check with your lender and insurance agent.

I am going to admit, I do not know what the mean by “lender-placed” insurance as the lenders place insurance with national companies that deal in NFIP sponsored insurance. I can only guess that this would mean the lenders will line up private insurers.  An insurance industry posting I found out of Florida suggested that there will be no lending activities in the flood zone come 12:01 am on Saturday if there is no continuing resolution. This could be quite a hit for real estate activity, in November, the Registrar reported that the volume of sales was down 0.8% over last year. Median Sale Value was also down 1.4% over last year.

Basic Bottom Line, as noted above:

  • If you are buying in the flood zone, buy your insurance before the end of the day tomorrow (Friday)

  • If your policy needs to be renewed in the next few weeks, renew before the end of the day tomorrow (Friday)