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About Daniel Fortier

Daniel Fortier is the Town Planner for the Town of Dennis. He is a certified planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners. He has been the Town Planner since 2001.

Veterans Home Sign Unveiling

Below are photos from today’s sign unveiling for the Dennis Veterans Home. Thank you to all who have helped on this project. We still have much to accomplish before we can start construction. An immediate need is silt fencing and hay bales to mark the limits of work  We also have a few trees to remove once the limit of work is protected.


The ‘Golden Girls’ made shared housing look easy

First, we have to make their living arrangements legal as four unrelated individuals cannot share a house under current zoning. But, we are working on that. See here.

Source: The ‘Golden Girls’ made shared housing look easy

Open Space Plan Discussion

Monday, May 21st as part of its regular meeting, the Planning Board will begin discussing the Dennis Open Space Plan Update. The primary focus of this first session will be the public survey. The survey can be found here:


We will also discuss the balance between competing town needs  as found in these documents:

2016 Draft Open Space and Recreation Plan

2017 Housing Production Plan

Town of Dennis Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016 Draft


A bike-share border war has started in Boston – The Boston Globe

More on the bike share concept.  Here is the intro that arrived in my inbox today:

Boston is mounting a counterattack against a new threat breaching its borders: an invasion on two wheels.

In the first — but probably not the last — flare-up in an inevitable bike-share border war, Boston is seizing vehicles from a Cambridge startup called Ant Bicycle, whose sudden incursion has tested the city’s ability to keep up with the fast-changing bike-rental industry.

Ant is one of a growing number of so-called dockless bike companies, which offer an alternative to traditional public cycling systems like Blue Bikes (formerly Hubway).


Source: A bike-share border war has started in Boston – The Boston Globe